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The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) is an international academic organization headquartered in Beijing, China, approved by China’s State Council, and registered in China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its current Chairman is Ms SHE Jing, Former Vice-Minister of Health and Former Director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China. Currently, 195 Chinese medicine societies in 57 countries and regions are members of WFCMS. The Secretariat, an organ operating under WFCMS, is responsible for WFCMS’s functionary management.

A number of departments have been created under the Secretariat, and at present these include the General Office, the Academic Department, the International Liaison Department, the Finance Department, the Department of International Standardization, the Department of International Examination, the Department of International Training, the Department of Talent Exchange, the Department of Information Service (in charge of WFCMS’s website), the Department of Project Management I, the Department of Project Management II, the Chinese Medicine Research Institute, World Chinese Medicine, the Medicine Cooperation Department I, and the Prize Office.

The establishment of specialty committees, which serve to promote the international academic study and the development of CM subjects, has been one of WFCMS’s highest priorities. Thirty-one specialty committees have to date been registered in China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In order to expedite policy making and coordination, WFCMS has also established consultation-coordination committees such as the standardization committee, the examination and evaluation committee, the ethics committee, the education instruction committee, the clinical instruction committee, and the scientific and technical development committee. They are mainly responsible for performing research, consultation and coordination within their respective professional fields.

WFCMS is devoted to promoting the understanding and cooperation among academic groups of Chinese medicine all over the world, strengthening international academic exchange, raising professional standards of the practice of Chinese medicine, ensuring the protection and development of Chinese medicine, working to have Chinese medicine gain access to the mainstream medical systems of different countries, promoting the exchange and cooperation between Chinese medicine and other medicines in the world and, therefore, making greater contributions to the health of mankind. The main tasks of the organization are (1) to develop and publish international standards related to Chinese medicine, which serve as a basis for international certification, which in turn facilitates the healthy development of Chinese medicine in the world; and (2) to conduct various academic activities for the purpose of promoting international exchange and cooperation among societies of Chinese medicine, academic development, and personnel training, thereby allowing Chinese medicine to contribute more to the health of mankind.

The International Examination Department carries out the International Qualification Examination for practitioners, acupuncturists, pharmacists, nurses, technicians and teachers so as to improve their qualifications and establish their academic positions. The international training, talent exchange and distance medical consultation conducted by WFCMS aim to improve the qualification and academic level of Chinese medicine professionals. Other tasks include the setting up an internet portal, carrying out informational consultations and services, publishing academic magazines, and making known the unique advantages of Chinese medicine and expanding its influence internationally. WFCMS holds international exhibitions and builds an international exchange platform so as to promote the international trade of Chinese medicine, health care products and medical equipment. WFCMS also undertakes the administration of science research projects both domestically and internationally, and provides technical support and services for the development of medical products for any organization undertaking such research projects. It also conducts international cooperation and exchange of Chinese medicine techniques and services through hospitals and specialized medical departments.

WFCMS organizes and juries the “International Prize for the Contribution to Chinese Medicine”, the only international award in Chinese medicine. This is awarded to groups or individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the medical treatment, teaching, research, or legislation of Chinese medicine or have made a special contribution to the international dissemination of Chinese medicine. WFCMS constantly endeavours to promote the international exchange, spread, and development of Chinese medicine. Through the joint effort of all its members, WFCMS will develop into the base of strategic research on the internationalization of Chinese medicine, the base for the research, development, and implementation of the international standards of Chinese medicine, and also the base for Chinese medicine science, information, talent and product exchange.

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