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Affordable Clinic Service

Our                                is located at Times Square Plaza unit 32A - 550 Highway 7 East.  We offer service by registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. Please call for enquiries or to book an appointment.

Seniors living alone with financial difficulties may qualify for discounted service.

  • Consultation — $50

  • Acupuncture Treatment — $110

  • Osteopathic Treatment — $110

  • Herbal Remedy — $20-25 per prescription, 4 prescriptions per each consultation $100

Teaching Clinic
World Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College

President's Message

The Chinese College of Canada, an Ontario non-profit corporation founded in 1994, operating as World Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College, when College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontarion (CTCMPAO) was established by the grovernment of Ontario, students of World Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College (WCMAAC) are qualified to attempt the licencing examination (TCMP and AC) of CTCMPAO


News and Events
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