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In 1994, the                                                      was registered in Ontario as a non-profit educational organization. It has since then been tirelessly promoting Chinese culture in the context of Canadian multiculturalism. At the same time, it has also been offering affordable Chinese-language instruction to grade-school and high-school students in the Chinese community in Toronto. From 1994, these students would go on to finish university and become contributing members of Canadian society.

Our History

The Chinese College of Canada is made up of more than a dozen scholars. At the time of its founding, seminars and workshops of an academic nature were organized at Mary Ward CSS every week. The scholars also held monthly meetings to discuss their research. (Those graduate students who sat in these meetings are now teaching in various universities in the China region.)  In 1996, a representative of our College went to Beijing Normal University (BNU) and signed an agreement with LU Shanzhen, then President of BNU and LONG Zhixian, then President of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). Subsequently, agreements were also signed with the Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Peking University. In 1996, International Academic School of Canada, offering high school education for students intending to enter university, was founded. In early 2011, in view of the royal assent of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act in 2006 and in anticipation of the registration of TCM practitioners scheduled to begin at the end of the year (and which was expected to last until March, 2013), it was felt that some existing practitioners may not be able to continue their practice, and World Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture College was founded. 

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